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07 April 2005
Welcome home weary girls
The MSU Women's Basketball team returned to East Lansing at about noon on Wednesday to a crowd of about 300 at the Breslin Center. The team looked exhausted and disappointed, but they spoke a few words and settled in for an extended period of autographing. I hope it helped them to feel a little better. In a few days when they're more rested, I hope they can gain the perspective necessary to fully appreciate their awards, their records and individual accomplishments this season. I stood in line for autographs too, and I had a chance to see what good young women they are. I'm already looking forward to next season.

We happened to speak with our AD and famous ex-hockey coach, Ron Mason, for a few minutes outside the Breslin Center before the rally. He seemed genuinely impressed and proud of Coach McCallie's and the team's accomplishments. I appreciate that he took a few minutes to chat warmly to a couple of anonymous fans.

MSU Women's Basketball Team greets loyal fans at the Breslin Center

Lindsay Bowen makes a young fan happy

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