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08 June 2005
Fierce field work in hot climates...
Experiment #1I've spent the last couple of days on my hands and knees counting and sampling plants in my first stand-alone field experiment. The weather has become suddenly very hot here - 90+ degrees in the afternoon - so it's been a few days of sweaty, gritty, dirty work. I've got a couple of great students helping me though; I'm very lucky.

My plots are adjacent to a narrow wooded area between more open areas and a highway. Lots of wildlife manages to squeeze into this woods, using our research plots for recreation and occasionally for food. Identifying tracks while we work is a fun distraction. This week, we were treated to brief visits by a deer, a few turkeys and a recurring male baltimore oriole while we worked. Orioles are not exactly an 'exotic' species around my neck-of-the-woods, yet I always feel like I've seen something rare when I catch a glimpse of one.

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