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19 June 2005
Now, for some obsessive-compulsive flyfishing...

We're off again for a few days of OCFF this week. I probably won't post again until next Sunday - unless I happen across an internet cafe, which isn't very likely where we're headed.

RoseI just spent the weekend with 2 of my 3 cool sisters, Anne and Maureen, my new niece Rose, her big brother Patrick and Mike, my brother-in-law. I enjoyed Patrick's tee-ball game on Saturday morning (Mike is a great dad-coach.) and I met a few new friends at their family reunion on Saturday afternoon. There were a few relatives I definitely wouldn't mind hanging out with again someday. (I got through the weekend without changing Rose's diaper! Yesssss!)

Patrick's tee-ball gameIt was good to catch up with Anne and Maureen and get the latest stories about Nick, Michael and Chien. I look forward to seeing them at the next get-together later this summer. We'll definitely get Nick out for a kayak ride now that he's a big boy. Will this motivate him to start using the wastebaskets properly?

I left late for the drive home, but I made it home and to bed at 2AM this morning. The Chicago, IL - Gary, IN drive is a lot nicer at that time of day. I dragged myself up and made it to my soccer game this morning - we won by many goals to zip - but the other team is a fun bunch of women to play with. My left-footed crosses were not quite what I had hoped for, but it didn't really matter.

Today, we're readying the house and packing up the car with fishing and paddling gear to leave for a solid week of all day, every day flyfishing. I'm looking forward to a few days away from work. I know B is too. We've got a loose plan to fish two or three streams during the week and then we'll catch up with the Flygirls for their Wakeley Lake/AuSable outing next weekend. After an early morning on the lake, we're going to be participating in a 2-fish contest on Saturday afternoon. I've never fished the stream we'll be on, but I got a few tips from Shupac, so I'm set for fly choices. B also whipped up a couple of her semi-famous Turk's Power Ants for me. Now I just need to catch 2 fish...

I'll get the fishing reports up ASAP next week.

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