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28 July 2005
Long time no post....

Potato RotationSorry for the blog neglect. It's been a busy week - weeding, sample collection, root separation and washing, and getting two field experiments ready for a field day today. This afternoon, I'll be busy with farm tours, plot-side presentations, and a barbecue dinner followed by more wagon tours until dusk. The weather's perfect for it - 80o and sunny. It'll all be over tonight.

Tim's CornMy sister from Chicago visits this weekend with her 2 little ones. We'll get to introduce Patrick to our new dog, Dylan. I know they'll get along famously. Patrick has missed having a dog in the house since his beagle, Idie, passed away a couple of years ago. I'm looking forward to hanging with them and to a little outdoor recreation instead of outdoor toil....though my vegetable garden needs a lot of work too.

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