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10 September 2005
"Impeach them all"

Shame on BushA great post by Rana at Frogs and Ravens summarizing some recent administration screw-ups and value problems and calling for a little citizen action. I had started a post similar to this, but it's not as good...

Here's her last point:

What are our representatives waiting for? Another goddamned blowjob or something?

She has a good point, eh? Let's run with it.

I would add "(k) Eliminate the minimum wage standard so the corporate cronies given the rebuilding projects to can postpone local income normalcy and skim even more tax dollars for themselves."

If you are so compelled - and I hope you are - visit the Impeach Bush website and add your name to the list. Continue on to contact your congresspersons and senators and let them know your views.

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