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14 October 2005
Lady bug season 2005

Ladybug invasion 2005
Opening Day Festivities included a Million Bug March from the Great Outdoors into the laundry and dining rooms. I can only assume I've got some weather-proofing to do around these 2 doors. After sundown, a few hundred bugs (Asian Lady Beetles [Harmonia axyridis]) enjoyed gathering around the Big Light Fixture while a few others decided to retire to the cozy confines of the corners of the ceilings. B treated most of the attendees to a thrilling Vacuum Hose Ride they will not soon forget. Now we're enjoying the slightly metallic smell of post-ladybug-vacuum-cleanup.

Box Elder Bugs (Boisea trivittatus) and these big guys - Western Conifer-Seed Bugs (Leptoglossus occidentalis) have been inviting themselves inside the house in small numbers for a couple of weeks already. They are not present in the same numbers as the ladybugs by any means, but a few of these big, buzzy, crunchy things go a really long way. Nuthatch recently mentioned the BEB invasion in her neck of the woods too. These WCSBs are pretty large for household insects, averaging about 3/4" in length. They're just a tad more daunting than a cute little ladybug or a even a BEB. As with the ladybugs, the cats leave the BEBs and the WCSBs alone - I think they must taste really bad or maybe they bite. Or both. I'm not sure which. That's not information I need to have.

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