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07 November 2005
I need help from my bird geek friends...

My sister Anne is a high school teacher in a large east coast city. [A round of applause please...] For a little extra fun and diversion, she wants to teach a special summer course to younger kids (1st through 4th grades) on birds and birding. This course will be two weeks long (80 minutes each day), has a very small budget and must incorporate computer use. Seems like a cool idea, eh? She asked for some help and I suggested making use of some of the many great websites that provide information and interaction with birds. I also volunteered to plead for help from the bird-brains that visit here occasionally.

I don't know how this info could be arranged into a course, but I can list a few resources. Here are some websites I've discovered:

Anybody got any other suggestions or ideas? I'll add them as they're posted in comments.


from John of A DC Birding Blog -

Thanks John!

From a certain 'French' relation -

Thanks Goop!

Anne - Dave and Alan have left additonal remarks in comments. Do you think you could find a local birding club or falcon club member that might volunteer to show up with a live bird or two? I bet you could... Thanks guys!

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