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07 December 2005
Anybody wanna buy a Ford? How 'bout now?

Ford Klansman

Optional equipment: gun/baseball bat rack; 12-pack of beer holders; KKK package includes extra cross-lighters, a longer cargo area for lumber, flame-resistant side panels, and HD hitch and towing package for dragging 'brown people'; NASCAR or 'Dukes of Hazzard' graphic detailing package;high-torque engine for peeling out in liberal neighbor's lawn; a premium audio system with Limbaugh, Dobson and O'Reilly presets. Image stolen from Jesus General.

The Ford Motor Company is in full blown embarass-themselves mode this week. They've caved to demands of the right wing, homophobic American Family Association (link intentionally omitted) and agreed to withdraw advertisements from gay publications and to cease funding gay- and lesbian-themed events. AmericaBlog is all over this - they're leading the backlash charge with promotion of a phone-in campaign to upper level Ford officials. AmericaBlog also exposed the top 2 Ford officials responsible for these decisions as former Tush White House spinmeisters.

I won't claim to be shocked by this week's events, however it's an opportunity to score a few foil-touches. I really don't care who advertises where; I trust the ecology of that system to work itself out. However the principle of this whole fiasco is what got my attention. Ford wants to skate around on an image as a greenish, environmentally-friendly, diversity-oriented, open-minded corporation yet they operate by selling gas-guzzling, fume-spewing SUVs and by valuing right-wing threats more than forward-thinking, progressive policies. It doesn't fly with me.

Anybody wanna buy my 2-door Ford Explorer?

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