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20 January 2006
Earth to Rene Portland and Penn State....

I missed my chance a couple weeks ago to don a lavender t-shirt and hang out with my peeps at the recent Michigan State vs. Penn State women's basketball game here in East Lansing, but here's a very nice piece (by a local blogger!) about what I missed:

Portland supporters have a history of marginalizing protesters; ignoring the protests and calling activists “non-existent”. It’s safe to say that the East Lansing LGBT community wasn’t so easily dismissed. In addition to The State News and Pridesource.com, the event generated mainstream media coverage through WLNS channel 6, WILX channel 10, and the Lansing State Journal. One Lansing resident created awareness of the issue by working her way through the stands wearing signs that read “shameless bigot” and “fire me”. “I think that our presence was definitely noticed by other fans, and both teams“, said Megan Gallagher, one of the organizers.

The fans and the two teams weren’t the only ones who were paying attention. Campus Police and East Lansing Police Department assigned extra officers to work the game, and the band and student seating in the arena was reversed. A last minute change put the Penn State bench as far away from the student section as possible. For the first time this season, Breslin Student Event Center Security conducted random physical searches of spectators, and Coach Portland received an escort when she traveled between the locker room and the bench.

The Rene Portland imposter in the blonde wig and 'bigot' sign looks eerily familar to me. Did we play soccer together somewhere in the past?

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