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01 February 2006
The State of the Union

The Reign of Error, year 6

Like RD at Dharma Bums, I had my head in the sand last night. I knew I couldn't stomach watching Tush self-promote himself and his crooked cronies for more than a few seconds so I didn't subject myself to it. I had work to do anyway. And the Pistons were on TV.

Since I missed his surely-rousing version, here's my State of the Union list:

Flag & eagle

Yep, our "union is strong!" It's so strong in fact, that it can't tolerate a 50-year old mother wearing a t-shirt with an anti-war statement on it [more here and here]. That said, it seems as though we might be hitting bottom; next - "we're turning the corner". I hope. The majority of Americans are not Tush fans and a few recent political transactions have found more liberal purchase than they would have a year or two ago.

ADDENDUM: Aaaahhh. This helps kill the pain a bit. [via Coturnix]

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