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02 March 2006
Here's a couple more

Joan and Tom, 1954

Aunt Joan and Uncle Tom in the yard at the farm, playing a game that requires a few handy props and a little resourcefulness. No Playstation necessary. They look like good kids, don't they? There's a nice car in the garage and that same old chest freezer up against the far garage wall that remained until the 80's.

Ethel Whitman with Old Kate and her colt

Here's my Gramma as a young woman, in the late 1910's or early 1920's probably. She poses with the horse, Kate, and her colt. Kate was a critical part of the farm, as was every horse on every farm at that point in time - before pickup trucks were the standard. She pulled carriages and wagons, transported people and things, hauled the one or two cans of milk into the creamery every day.

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