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18 March 2006
S&S is one year old today!

S&S is one year old today

Woohooooo!! 337 posts, 385 thoughtful comments and almost 18,000 wonderful visits since day 1. Like George W. Tush, I had no plan at the outset. Unlike Tush's efforts however, I really like how this endeavor has turned out. I get to flex my one slightly creative brain cell once in a while, write about my favorite ways to spend my free time, rant about parts of American life that are nearly insufferable and blather on about some marginally, interesting, sometimes overlooked scientific subjects occasionally.

I've developed a bunch of really important relationships through this place, with many of writers of the blogs listed under the Science & Nature Blogs list in the sidebar to the right. And also with many of the participants of the I and the Bird, Tangled Bank, and Circus of the Spineless blog carnivals, whether they realize it or not. I look forward to reading their words as often as possible and I'd recommend them to any and all visitors here. They are a witty, smart, insightful, funny and extremely knowledgable and creative lot. Their writing, blog work and expressive creations are what the internet is supposed to be all about. Mission accomplished. I've never actually met any of these folks mind you, but I'd like to think I will have a chance to go birding or fishing or on some sort of field trip with a couple. I also get to stay in touch with a few of my friends and siblings around the world via this space. Bottom line: I think this helps my sanity slightly, and that's a good thing.

BTW, my slightly older blog-sister, Nuthatch, turned one this week as well.

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