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19 April 2006
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Some recent search strings that led surfers to S&S:

  1. effects of sarcasm on children
  2. fly fish animal
  3. how to kill sandhill cranes
  4. what does mourning dove mean?
  5. talking fish cartoon
  6. harry vetch
  7. black girls with big naturals
  8. difference: mature new potatoes
  9. benefits of sarcasm
  10. flickr asian lady
  11. trout bum dairy
  12. trout bum diary
  13. trout bum dairies
  14. michigan secret fishing
  15. patagonia wader review
  16. brokeback anglers
  17. red firefly bird
  18. pictures of angler fish organs
  19. marshy and cheese scientist

I do not recall addressing some of these subjects here. Big naturals? Asian ladies? Let alone harming sandhill cranes. I did misspell hairy vetch in a lame attempt to be humorous, but I'm amazed at how many folks believe 'harry vetch' is the proper spelling. A cool season annual legume named after the famous Dr. Haroldd Vetch of Denmark*....


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