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28 June 2006
'Search me' redux

Science made Stupid by Tom WellerI find the search strings that lead internet surfers here to S&S very interesting. Many are obvious and not surprising, others are remarkably odd. Other bloggers find 'search analysis' quite interesting too. A while back, John took the time to answer or address some of his search inquiries directly. I like his idea and have a desire to accomplish something similar, yet significantly less serious:

  1. effects of sarcasm on children - Entirely positive; just look how I turned out.
  2. graph of the eye of the potato - Hmmmm,...not a clue
  3. do we know why mute swans hold their necks in s positions - Yes.
  4. wingspan owlet moth - 2 to 4.5 cm
  5. how much was spent in 2005 on mosquito repellency? - A lot. Sorry that's probably not helpful.
  6. what temperature does snow freeze - Uh, 32 oF (0 oC)
  7. cabbage creek fly fishing - No idea, but I support you.
  8. judging of swallow bird - I tend to judge them very favorably. I consider them to be a handsome family of birds.
  9. pride and predacious movie - Perhaps you mean 'Pride and Prejudice?'
  10. materials to make a tundra swan out of household things - Maybe you're looking for an origami pattern?
  11. what roll does the tree frog play in the food pyramid - maybe a heterotrophic secondary consumer. After moths and before snakes.
  12. zeptogram - 10–21 g. Currently the smallest detectable unit of mass
  13. what type of degree would you recieve if you become an wildlife biologist - BS, MS, PhD, more....
  14. steller's jay six feet under - Here, perhaps.
  15. scientist description of population of smallmouth bass - Perch-like.
  16. koegel's pickled bologna - I heartily approve.
  17. complicated icebox cake - Ooooh no, it's not complicated. Just good.
  18. why was the hawk named pale male - HE has unusually light colored plumage.
  19. yellow fly secret repellant - No clue here. Is the fly yellow or the repellant?
  20. fishing humor brokeback mountain - This is the best I can do.
  21. physic meaning of sighting a white feather -I'd imagine you meant 'psychic', but I still don't know.
  22. 10 branches of science - Let's see - biological, physical, chemical, computer, economic, Fristi-political, Republican, anti-Kyoto-logy, Creationist and Fascofarcical. There's 10, though some overlap a bit.
  23. how does a cold air return work? - The heated air blown into the room has to go somewhere and the furnace needs to get air from somewhere. The cold air return completes the loop.
  24. how fast can a mountain bluebird fly - 300 mph
  25. mean cartoon fish - Bruce, maybe.
  26. river fishing by hand - I'm not aware of any other technique.
  27. how long does it take to have a new born - What species? 266 days for humans, 16 for a hamster, 400 for a camel.
  28. abc tecnical writhing - I'd start with a spelling check.
  29. movie trailers of mud bogging - No.
  30. biblical reference to cheeseburgers - Come back if you find one; I'd be interested to know the details.
  31. how much energy in potatoes - Potato tubers are about 22% dry matter and contain roughly 4 calories per gram of dry matter.
  32. its cold - Sorry.
  33. pintail adaptations - Northern pintails can spring directly into flight without much of a running start, sort of like Underdog. Pretty cool, eh?
  34. too deep waders - Seriously try to avoid this.
  35. is sarcasm a bad thing - No, absolutely not. It's also beneficial for children.

There then. I hope this has been helpful.

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