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03 July 2005
New family addition - Dylan

Dylan, new border collie family additionWe're spending our holiday weekend welcoming and adjusting to our new family member, Dylan. He's a 10-month old, well-mannered, people-centered border collie. Someone docked his tail somewhere along the way for some reason. B found him through the Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue organization.

We've been a dogless household for over a year after losing our previous border collie, Keen, very suddenly. Transitioning from a 2-dog household to a 1-dog, to a 0-dog family was difficult. Though we grew to appreciate the freedom and flexibility of our dog-free state, we were not within our comfort zone. I think we found a very good match in Dylan.

Casper the friendly catOur 8-year old fat cat Casper, is very happy to have a dog in the house again. He follows Dylan around at a comfortable distance and they shared the shade of the closest pine tree for quite awhile while I worked in the garden this afternoon. The other 3 cats are adjusting more slowly...

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