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30 June 2005
Osprey sightings in lower Michigan anyone?

Osprey & nestThe Michigan DNR is asking for help tracking ospreys in southern Michigan - especially in the Maple River area, which is north of St. Johns, and in southeast Michigan – Oakland, Wayne, Macomb and Livingston counties.


Ospreys from the program will be marked with a silver metal band on one leg and a green metal band with an alpha-numeric code on the other leg. The public is asked to look for these bands.

If any of these birds are seen in southern Michigan, the sighting can be reported to the DNR at (248) 328-8113, e-mail: OAKESJ@michigan.gov; the Metropark office at (800) 477-2757, e-mail: moilanen@metroparks.com; Lori Sargent at (517) 373-9418, e-mail: SargenL2@michigan.gov; or online at the DNR Web site.

Please report only those osprey observed in the southern part of Lower Michigan. Any information will be useful including location, time, activity (flying, fishing, etc.), and markings. It is especially important to note if the bird is banded and, if possible, the number on the band.

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