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19 April 2005
We were the 2 token chicks at the Great Lakes Spey Clave this past weekend...
It's the first time we've gone. It was a beautiful day for hanging out on the river with a bunch of flyfishing geeks. Many of the guys are incredibly good fishermen and casters. Our friend Jamey convinced us to go - we should always do what he says. We got a brief beginner's casting lesson from Andy Murray from the Hardy Co. in the UK. He's a great guy and an even better spey casting teacher.

Andy Murray

We managed to fish the Muskegon a bit as well. I landed 2 little 14" browns on my new-to-me 14' 9wt DS (thanks Bec! And Jamey!). I think I made good progress on the whole spey fishing topic. Becky ended the day with a gorgeous, deep pink steelie. At least I got to land it...

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