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02 May 2005
Trout opener
Secret creek west

Becky and I enjoyed opening weekend of trout season on a little local stream that I won't name. We had hoped to run into a few straggling migratory steelhead, but instead found an abundance of little wild steelhead and brown trout actively feeding on emerging nmyphs and dries. We probably caught and released 30 wild fish in the 8-11" range on the afternoon. We did manage to turn a couple of larger ones, but they refused the fly at the critical moment. It's nice to see such unimpeded natural reproduction of these beauties.

We also ran into another woman on the stream. That has never happened before. It is so rare, all three of us remarked on the occasion and stood on the bridge chatting for awhile. I hope we run into her again some time. We also ran into one other friendly gentleman.

All in all, a very enjoyable day in the water.

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