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20 August 2005
An extremely bloggity day

Wow, what a busy week for this blog. This burst of activity culminated today with an all time high rate of visitor traffic and blog rankings. Lots of incoming traffic has come from this week's issue of I and the Bird hosted by Milkriverblog and from various discussions on creationism vs science at Pharyngula, the wonderful biology/evolution blog by PZ Myers. Today, (deep breath, flutter flutter) Avedon Carol, of The Sideshow linked here. In the same post, she also linked to a Molly Ivins essay. Guh! Avedon is a smart blogger and one of my favorites. It's an honor that she's graced this page with her mouseclick...

Rankingwise, FWIW, I've peaked as a 'Slithering Reptile' and at #27 on the Fatbirder. These ranking results are very dynamic and will undoubtedly return to their resting levels quickly, which are significantly less boast-worthy than today's standings. Nonetheless, I feel very honored.

Welcome. And thanks - to my regular friends and to the bloggerati - for visiting.

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