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10 August 2005
The Unbearable Lightness of Posting

Rotation Experiment @ MRF - potatoes, green beans, cornManure seeding

Wow. What a week already. We've been packing a lot of fieldwork into a short amount of time since late last week. I've had little time for things like blogging. Though I have thought of a few more topics I'd like to blog about... We've been busy with tillage, manure-seeding, planter and fertilizer spreader calibrations, cover crop planting - all in the 90o heat and 90% humidity. I've come home very late, very sweaty, very dirty and smelling of pig shit this week. I think I've sacrificed a perfectly good pair of shoes to the stuff. Now, I'm not afraid of a little manure, I grew up in it. But I draw the line just before monogastric manure. It is strong, permeating stuff.

B and I are looking forward to taking Friday off; we'll be spending a long weekend with my cool-ass siblings on a very nice lake in Wisconsin - Lakehouseapalooza 2005. I think this will be the 4th year for our annual 'siblings-only' family reunion. Four of my 6 sibs, from Santa Barbara, France, Hartford, and Chicago are already there with their spouses and kids. It's going to be great fun. We've got a couple of 40th birthdays to celebrate, we haven't seen 'the Frenchies' since last Thanksgiving, and the little kids are always a blast.

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