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02 August 2005
It's time to throw down

At Pharyngula:

George W. Bush has endorsed Intelligent Design creationism's plan to corrupt education.

Here's what the debate is about.

Scientists have established the fact of evolution with thousands of lines of evidence and the work of hundreds of thousands of researchers. This idea is based on material evidence and repeated experiment, extensively documented in the scientific literature.

This evidence flatly contradicts literal religious accounts. Religious conservatives have mounted a long running social and political campaign to get their falsified dogma treated as the truth, despite the absence of any material or logical support for their position.

This debate is not about assessing the evidence, but about getting faith-based bullshit taught as science.

Is there absolutely no audience any longer for the 'separation of church and state' argument? I gotta look up that phone number for Canada again.

I think the reason that many of us get so incensed with this, the latest Bushie information/science/facts-slight, is because it is SO INCREDIBLY illogical. A Bushie hallmark. Intelligent Design, or creationism, is not science, it is not a 'type' of science' it is not a scientific argument. It's the OPPOSITE of science. Arguing evolution versus 'intelligent design' theory is like trying to argue that you're not a racist. It's a setup. Like responding to the "so when did you stop beating your wife?" question. So far, there is no good answer because it's the question, the comparison, that is problematic. We need to keep pointing this out.


The always-witty Wonkette weighs in.

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