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27 August 2005
Rainy birthday

Birthday lootOur plans for a paddle/fishing trip on a favorite trout stream sorta fell through today. It's been rainy all morning and thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon. We'd been looking forward to escaping another hellish work week with our friend Speytrout, but it wasn't meant to be. We'll get an abbreviated evening fishing outing in tonight though - hopefully the whiteflies will comply.

B gave me a great birthday present - a half-dozen of her famous Power Ants (tan and black) and some flyfishing doodads. I needed some replacement nippers badly. This supplements a new/used spey rod gifted earlier this summer. I haven't exercised it properly yet.

Happy birthday to nephew Christopher today too. Is he 7 now? His family and Anne's are getting together today I think. Hopefully they have better picnic weather than we do here...


Thanks for all the birthday cards and phone calls. I really have great friends and family. I even got a phone call from Kati in China - too bad I wasn't home - she had to leave a message. This way I can play the recording over and over...

And Christopher is 8!

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