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10 September 2005
Another brilliant driftglass rant

Bush dislikes youDriftglass's post has lots of images so it'll take a moment to load completely, but it's worth the wait. He has positioned the words to Pink Floyd's "Us and Them" from "Dark Side of the Moon" alongside a series of photos of political and hurricane subjects. It packs a pretty good punch; typical of his rants. Here driftglass's conclusion to the montage:

Fuck these men, and God damn you if you voted for them.

I don't believe for one minute in a petulant and vengeful Deity that murders people to score debating points. However, if I did actually put my faith in such childish superstitions, I think I would be be much less inclined to blame gays for every single bad thing that happens and pay very close attention to the fact that God is at His most wrathful when foolish men in great nations make monsters into kings.

May God forgive us for letting criminals and madmen run our country.

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