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26 September 2005
Well said

The always-articulate Rana over at Frogs and Ravens has a few words about the failures, disappointment and that simultaneously bland and icky after-taste the Democratic Party has provided to the liberal-minded population over the past few years. Her sentiments resonate with me. Here's her introduction (but definitely go read the whole thing):

I'm feeling tired, and I'm feeling cranky. Some of this is inadequate sleep, but a lot of it is bone-deep frustration with the ongoing discussion about Democratic Party strategy that is permeating the blogosphere these days.

First things first. I am a Green.

I am therefore a member of a rival party. I am also a lefty feminist gay-friendly, tree-hugging, civil liberties defending, anti-racism, pro-multiculturalism, over-educated intellectual progressive.

I know what I stand for. I know what kind of world I want to live in. I have a positive vision of the future, even in my deepest, darkest moments of despair.


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