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14 September 2005
Mystery moth needs a name

Pamela at Thomasburg Walks recently wrote a lovely post about a Clearwing Moth (Hemaris thysbe) that visited her garden. She included several great pictures of her visitor. We've also enjoyed visits from Clearwings and from Striped Morning Sphinx moths here in our yard

More recently, we've had a third type of hummingbird or sphinx moth of some kind visiting our garden and backporch petunias. He's significantly smaller than the other two and not quite as distinctively colored. I cannot find a reference picture or photo that is terribly close. I've perused a couple of insect books, The Moths of Canada (at Pamela's suggestion) and Bugguide.net for help, but I've not found anything that looks similar to me. I think we've only seen him after dusk, in the dark.

Mystery hummingbird/sphinx moth

Mystery hummingbird/sphinx moth

Tony, Pamela, any ideas?

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