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20 October 2005
Very cool wildlife photographs

Sky Chase by Manuel PrestiItalian wildlife photographer Manuel Presti won a prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for the photo below entitled 'Sky Chase.' Check out his website for more great photos.

LONDON (Reuters) - Wildlife Photographer of the Year Manuel Presti wants to inspire in others the same awe that the natural world induces in him.

A mechanical engineer by profession who takes wildlife pictures as a hobby, 38-year-old Presti has been snapping the world around him for more than 20 years.

Thursday his image of a flock of terrified starlings trying to evade the predatory attention of a Peregrine falcon in the skies above his native Rome won him the prestigious prize that brings little immediate financial reward but great kudos.


Canon features Mr. Presti and his work (and thousands of starlings) in a nifty little commercial.

He's almost as good as Cindy... Cindy and Nuthatch, do you know this guy? Poking around his online gallery, I noticed that he's photographed birds around Michigan.

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