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21 November 2005
Midwestern, rural, soggy-pants soil sampling

A beautiful day for soil sampling, not.

My coworker and I spent the day in the 40o wind, mist and drizzle sampling soils today. It's a job we'd have preferred to have completed a couple of weeks ago, but there's just not enough time to fit everything in. Today we used a combination of this mechanized, hydraulic soil probe gizmo and a manual bucket auger to make sampling these plots two feet deep a one-day job. We punched a total of 700 holes and filled up almost 200 ziplock bags in about 6 hours. I went back and forth putting my raincoat on because I was getting wet and taking it off because I was getting overheated. Tomorrow we'll be right back in the same plots to sample soil again but in a different, shallower, easier way for altogether different measurements. The temperature is supposed to be 33o maximum. Yeeha. We'll be breaking through a surface frost tomorrow that we didn't have to deal with today. Thank goodness for Carhartt overalls.

'Twas a tad damp

I will be crossing no creeks.

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