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15 November 2005
When is the last time you heard Tush tell the truth?

How about even a half-truth? Half-truth anyone? I'll take a shred of truth. Anyone?

From The Immoral Minority:

George Bush is not the first president to lie. Just the first one to go Pro.


Bush lies about everything! He makes up facts, he ignores conflicting data, and he ignores any input from any individual who is not telling him what he wants to hear. I think that George Bush is the most dangerous liar of all. He is the kind of liar that believes his own lies! Bush has faith that what he says is true which makes him think "evidence, I don't need no stinking evidence"!

Unfortunately for Bush his "faith based" approach to world affairs is completely insane! You cannot expect everybody else to respond to the same voices that are ordering you around. I predict that when all is said and done that we will discover that virtually everything that the Bushies did was either illegal, immoral, or both.

Here here.

Also, a good column by E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post and another nice op-ed piece in the Boston Globe by Tom Oliphant.

Don't get me started on Snarly Dick...

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