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19 December 2005
I can still type

McGruff the Crime-Fighting Dog...just in case you were wondering. I've just been a bit distracted from blogging for the last few days. I had a final exam, in the form of a presentation, last Wednesday. Then my wallet was stolen out of my bag in my office on Thursday afternoon. I discovered the problem on Friday by double-checking account balances online. I've been spending my 'free' and some of my 'not-normally-free' time on the phone with bank and credit card companies and police officers since then. It'll all be sorted out eventually. One positive observation - after I discovered the felonious credit and debit card charges and cancelled all cards on Friday, I returned home to 2 voice mail messages from the bank and credit card company asking me to call back about some suspicious, flagged purchases. They had discovered it accurately at the same time or before I did. Their algorithms worked well.

Someone, apparently in SE Michigan, is having a really, really nice Christmas this year, partially at my expense. Partially at yours. Spread the joy I say.

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