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03 March 2006
Trout Bum Diaries movie - available

Filming in PatagoniaThere've been rumblings and gossip among the more compulsive portion of the fly fishing community for some time about a trout fishing movie that's supposedly been in the works since 2004. The movie is now available. It's called 'Trout Bum Diaries: Volume I, Patagonia." The movie has been filmed and produced by 'The Angling Exploration Group' (the folks behind the FishSpawn blog). They describe their fly fishing movie as follows:

This video is the result of five months of sleeping in the dirt, driving from 11,998 kilometers from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, river after river and lake after lake along the Andes, the spine of South America.

What's revolutionary about this video? The world of fly fishing is filled with videos and television shows on everything from casting skills to what outfitter to fish with in Montana. There is very little in the industry that is "pure entertainment", and our aim is to fill this void.

Our films are laid out in a modified surf/snowboard video style, fast action with commentary between music sequences. They are shot "trout bum style", and are filled with shots of real life trout bums sleeping in the dirt, exploring new waters, hiking streams, floating rivers, and of course, catching fish! You won't find any instructional commentary here, and we guard all of our film locations by using imaginary names. This is pure fly fishing entertainment.

Their movie trailer worked like a charm on my compulsive fly fishing psyche; it's essentially fly fishing porn. I ordered a copy immediately.

It looks to be a slickly built movie that may be focused more on the experience of fly fishing and the culture of fly anglers who submerge themselves (figuratively!) in the experience and in the nature of the landscape - as opposed to, say, the type of outdoor enthusiasts who drive around in a leather-appointed SUV scanning the roadside for coveys of quail or lawyers to shoot at. Less tweed and elitism, more mud, water and trout. We'll see. I'll let you know my thoughts once the DVD has arrived and has received a proper viewing.

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