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02 May 2006
Heavenly garden loot

Early Spring Garden Loot

We enjoyed our first asparagus spears for dinner tonight. I missed a few stalks that froze a couple of nights ago. What a waste! I looooove asparagus and my garden now yields a nice bouquet for dinner every night if we want it. And we usually do.

For some reason, we never ate asparagus in my family. We didn't grow it and we didn't eat it. Looking back, we only grew and ate annuals. We must be some sort of anti-perennnial diet family. That was a shame because asparagus has turned out to be my absolute favorite vegetable. I'm disappointed every year when June 15th rolls around and I have to stop cutting it.

A few years back, I was lucky enough to spend time in northern Germany during asparagus harvest for a couple of consecutive years. During those visits, I ate asparagus several times per day and in more than one format per meal. Heaven. I reccommend a springtime visit to Germany for any asparagus groupie.

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