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06 July 2006
The wrens have hatched! The wrens have hatched!

6 WrenletsThe cavity in this little feather-lined stick nest is so deep that the only way I can see into it is to poke my camera inside the nestbox and blindly take a photograph. I think I can see 6 little house wrens (Troglodytes aedon) here. I don't know how many eggs there were since I couldn't see into the nest and I never bothered to photograph the evidence. It looks like these little guys probably hatched a day or two ago.

I'm kind of excited about this. We've had numerous wrens build their elaborate stick nests in our nestboxes, but none have ever actually been used. We've always got a few wrens around, they must nest elsewhere. A few have vandalized swallow and bluebird clutches, but I've never found any house wren eggs (or hatchlings) until now.

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