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03 August 2005
It's what's for dinner

Garden take, 2 August 2005

I'm showing a picture of last night's harvest rather than presenting a picture of the garden itself for a selfish reason. The garden, though big and lush and bountiful, has a lot of weeds that are also big, lush and bountiful - grasses mostly. Hot, humid weather and long, tiring workdays have contributed to my recent garden neglect. Last night I caught up with the harvesting side of my neglect. I removed a few enormous zucchini and yellow squash and a bunch of overgrown pickles to the compost pile. You've got to be a good detective to find the cukes in the tangle of vines and weeds right now. Some melons are big enough to be obvious; exposed, despite the vine and weed camoflage. I hadn't missed any tomatoes, they're just starting to ripen. The bell peppers are maturing at a nice, even rate that we can keep up with if we eat a couple every night or two. B weeded the onions and shallots again so they look great. I've got 2 rows of potatoes that are going down and a third that has quite a bit of life left. A bag or two of Yukon Golds and Reds are heading to a family gathering in Wisconsin next weekend.

I dug a bag of spuds and took them, squash and cukes to one of our garden-less neighbors. I like that even our single-household garden ends up being a 'community' garden sometimes.

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