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30 August 2005
More about the Trumpeter Swan reintroduction in Michigan

Wow. First it was the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, now it's the Trumpeter Swan...

My friend Nuthatch at Bootstrap Analysis has a very cool little post today pointing out that the Trumpeter Swan status and reintroduction in Michigan is a slightly controversial subject. She's included a link to a thorough analysis written by a couple of experts who feel that Trumpeter reintroduction projects are both unjustified and unwise. A second, pro-con article by these two gents also includes an argument for reintroduction by a representative from the Trumpeter Swan Society.

It's a fairly complicated topic, but after a quick read, it looks like there's plenty of evidence that Trumpeters probably don't need special considerations in Michigan, or perhaps anywhere in the Eastern US. Now I want to find out more about the MI DNR's justification for this program...

Thanks Nuthatch!

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