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14 September 2005
Forgotten vacation pictures

I had wanted to post these leftover pictures from our recent vacation weeks ago, but I neglected to get around to it until now. What I really want to write about today is the disgusting tailspin that our country, our government and our political system is currently in, but perhaps a mental break from all that is a better idea. Besides, I'm so mad I can barely assemble a coherent sentence. On to a more light-hearted subject...

These are two photos taken during our flyfishing vacation in norther Michigan in late June 2005. My previously posted vacation stories/fishing reports are here, here, here and here.

A practical joke?

I liked this picture. On one of our drives through Grayling, I noticed the the Ben Franklin store had had it's marquee tampered with. A practical joke? On whom? Now, I think his was probably done because the Ben Franklin chain has gone defunct and rearranging the letters was cheaper than taking the whole marquee down or leaving it intact and being sued. I bet even a few residents have failed to appreciate the change...

Moth hiding in a pine tree

I liked this picture too. We stopped at a convenience store east of Grayling for a snack and a drink one morning. B went in the store while I waited in the car. As I sat staring at the store's front, I noticed this big unidentified moth clinging to a sign. We had been focused on big bugs all week - looking for Hexegenia flies in the evenings on the river and anywhere else. So this big bug caught my eye even though he was clearly attempting to evade detection by hiding in a pine tree.

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