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02 September 2005
Good thing it's National Preparedness Month

And I find it very reassuring that we've got a Department of Homeland Security.

Here's today's tip:

Today's Tip

Preparedness Tip #2
Pick a place to meet after a disaster. Designate two meeting places. Choose one right outside your home, in case of a sudden household emergency, such as a fire. The second place you choose needs to be outside your neighborhood, in the event that it is not safe to stay near or return to your home.

OK, let's see how we did here...

  • Disaster: Hurricane Katrina. Check!
  • Two meeting places: Hmmm, how about the stadium and the convention center? Check!
  • Outside my home? What home? Neighborhood? What?? Whatever. Check.
  • OK, now what?

  • When might they get us a draft of Preparedness Tip #3? Right after Phase 4-C?

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