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22 October 2005
Wow. Possibly the worst blog I've sort of agreed with

I want to be supportive of the author's point of view, but geez o' pete...I can't overlook the overwhelming badness of this blog. It's rilly rilly bad.

I give you ..... The Iraq War was Wrong Blog

With its own mispelled badge:

The reasons for this are manifoled and complex(can't really go into all of the theories behind it in this limited space). For now suffice to say. You just can't do a war thats a quagmire. Thats just common knowledge. There's no provesion in the Constitution for doing a war that becomes a quagmire. In Just War theory they don't say its ok to do a quagmire. The list goes on(honestly I don't want to bore you guy's because I'm sure you know all this- I have some of THE BEST reader's out there)

The Iraq war is not the only thing worng here...

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