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11 May 2006
Bluebirdlets update

Nestbox bluebirds 4/26/2006I cracked open the door and snuck one last peak at our nest of 5 bluebirds (out of 6 eggs) upon our return home on Monday night. They appear close to fledging so I'll not bother them for a picture - I don't want to shoo them out of their nest prematurely.

Another nest of 4 or 5 tree swallows hatched while we were gone. I can hear them inside. A third nestbox with house sparrow eggs has been abandoned and/or predated by somebody. I'll have to do a thorough inventory of the other boxes - I suspect there are a few more clutches of tree sparrow eggs.

On a related note, Nuthatch has compiled a list of things to consider when managing nestboxes. She's included a few links to additional resources too.

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