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11 July 2006
Muskegon River fishing report [8 July 2006]

Flygirls on the MoIt was more than a week ago now that B and I hooked up with some of the Flygirls for a group outing on the Muskegon River. The weather was beautiful last Saturday afternoon and I think all Newaygo County residents with a penchant for tubing were enjoying the day floating the river. B and I headed north and arrived in Newaygo just before noon. We found a batch of Flygirls taking a break from fishing in the City Park at the edge of town and chatted with them for a bit before heading toward one of our favorite upstream access spots for a little fishing.

I rigged up my 7-weight spey rod for a little excercise and B chose to employ a 6-weight single-hander. I hiked down to the water first, and before I'd taken 3 casts, was joined by Mandy and Jen heading downstream in their canoe - just like last year. After a brief chat, Mandy and Jen rejoined the floatilla of tubes and canoes and we started swinging streamers and wet flies downstream through this nice section of wide river. We managed to hook a couple of small trout, but nothing more. Not surprising for the middle of a sunny day with hundreds of loud tubers floating through.

We took a break at dinner time and again joined up with the Flygirls for an organized meal at a nearby rental cabin. An ample spread was pulled together and enjoyed by all. After the meal and some conversation, the group headed back to the river to catch the evening hatch. We hoped for a good hatch of Isonychia with maybe a few straggling Hex. Most of us headed for one long stretch of river that typically yields some good evening and nighttime fishing - and it's easy to wade in the dark. We spread out and fished and waited. For some reason that I really don't understand, the evening hatch never really materialized. It wasn't windy, though it was a rather hot day. We caught a few small fish as darkness settled, but no one reported hooking very many nor anything of size. Oh well, such is the nature of nature.

B and I drove home very late, arriving home well after midnight. In the absence of great fishing, we enjoyed the social opportunities afforded by hanging out with some like-minded women anglers. We were very tired, but we made it home without event. On Sunday, in my weekly soccer game, I tore some knee ligaments that'll keep me out of the river and on dry, level land for the near future. I've remember seeing Kelly Galloup on TV with a knee brace over his waders...maybe I can figure out something similar.

Fleece quotient: -3
Lost flies: a couple
Wildlife sightings: belted kingfishers, cedar waxwings, swallows, carp, ~8000 drunken tubers
Air temperature: 90 oF max
Water temperature: ~ 70 oF
Injury report: no leeches, couple of near misses with sinktip spey line.
Did I get to use a spey rod?: Yeah.
Enjoyment grade for the trip: B+

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