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03 September 2005
Bush visit serves to hamper progress in disaster zone

Bush Diverts Critical ResourcesHere's a list of some of the accomplishments of Preznit Tush in the last day:

  • Staged levee repair, then removed equipment after photos.
  • Staged food distribution for photos, then tore down the center.
  • Ban on all helicopter flights while Tush was in the state of LA meant no food and aid delivery to some outlying parishes.
  • All this while the rescue and recovery efforts are directed/bungled by Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security and Michael Brown, chief of FEMA. Brown's previous job was commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association where he ultimately was fired for supervisory incompetence. In 2001, he was hired at FEMA by his old college roomate and head of FEMA Joseph Allbaugh. When Allbaugh left, Brown was promoted to head of FEMA.

    It's definitely not what you know, but cronyism that appears to be invaluable.

    Worst. President. Ever.

    All 3 should resign.

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